Dr. Anna Cabeca

Who is Dr. Anna Cabeca?

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s products help women deal with both the cosmetic and physical effects of aging on their hormonal and reproductive systems.

Dr. Cabeca is a triple board-certified ob-gyn who trained at Emory University. Her bioidentical hormone creams and food supplements address imbalances that occur as women age, targeting aesthetic concerns for the skin on your face, as well as the skin in more intimate regions. Her products address function as well as aesthetics, which is why we adore them. Their bioavailable hormones and powerhouse fruits and veggies fight inflammation, boost energy and fertility, and support bone health, skin health, a balanced mood, and sexual comfort and function.

Most hormone creams contain synthetic hormones. Dr. Cabeca’s products are all-natural, created from plant extracts, which means they are bioidentical to the hormones your body naturally produces. Her supplements are specifically targeted to address women’s changing nutritional needs as they approach perimenopause and menopause.

What is Mighty Maca?

What is Maca? Maca is a super-root that grows in the high Andes of Peru. It was used by the ancient Incas as both food and medicine.

Key Benefits:

  • Improving mood
  • Boosting energy (naturally)
  • Enhancing libido
  • Improving fertility (for both men and women)
  • Relieving PMS symptoms
bella Lei Mighty Maca

Mighty Maca Ingredients:

Mighty Maca includes 15 other superfoods that can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost immunity, aid metabolism, detoxify the body, and more:

  • Spirulina (rich source of protein, Omega-3s, vitamins, and trace minerals)
  • Mangosteen (tropical fruit that is a source of 40+ anti-inflammatories)
  • Acerola (containx 30x the Vitamin C that oranges do)
  • Beta glucan (cholesterol lowering fiber found in oatmeal)
    • Mighty Maca is certified gluten-free so the presence of this extract found
      in oatmeal does not mean Mighty Maca is unsafe/dangerous for those with
      gluten sensitivity.
  • Cat's claw, AKA una de gato (potent healer)
  • Resveratrol (powerful antioxidant from grapes)
  • Quercetin (powerful antioxidant from the Japanese pagoda tree)
  • Milk thistle (detoxifies the liver)
  • Flax seeds (#1 plant-based source of Omega-3s)
  • Turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory, commonly found in Indian food - it's what makes curry yellow)
  • Kelp (great source of iodine and trace minerals)
  • Green tea (plentiful source of EGCG, the powerful flavonol linked to numerous health benefits)
  • Cinnamon (associated with lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and insulin levels)
  • Licorice (used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of illnesses


Julva® is an all-natural, anti-aging cosmetic cream for your delicate feminine parts. It’s been created by a Triple Board-Certified OB/GYN — Dr. Anna Cabeca. It was designed to help you:

  • Stop embarrassing urine leaks
  • Re-ignites intimacy
  • Stop vaginal dryness & discomfort
  • Deepen your passion and sensation
  • Improve skin elasticity and vaginal tightening

Made in the USA.


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