How can I get rid of my wrinkles?

Botox is a nerve-blocker that has been used for over three decades to relax facial muscles. It is injected directly into the facial muscles that tense up and cause deep wrinkles, such as the forehead and eyebrow furrows (often called worry and frown lines) or crow’s feet. Botox blocks the nerve signals that cause these wrinkles, allowing them to relax and smooth out.

botox before and after
after botox treatment

Does it Hurt to Get Botox?

Botox only takes about 20 minutes and is administered through tiny injections. The needles are so small that you experience very little pain. You may have slight swelling or redness after, but most people immediately return to work or other scheduled activities.Botox Injections

What are the Results of Getting Botox?

In two weeks or less, you should see a big reduction in your wrinkles. The effects can last for up to three months and, with repeated injections, you may see a permanent reduction in wrinkles.  Also, patients can combine Botox with other medical aesthetic services, such as Hydrafacial MD or Microneedling, to drastically improve the look of their skin.  With repeated injections, you may see a permanent reduction in wrinkles. 

Anything Else I Should Know About Getting Botox?

Botox is for adults who want to relax deep wrinkles or halt the deepening of lighter wrinkles. It is widely used and considered very safe, although it hasn’t been tested with pregnant women.

Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating in your palms, feet or armpits.

You should avoid all NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, Advil) for 5 days prior to procedure to minimize any possibility of bruising.  Eating pineapple, taking Bromelain or Arnica supplements is also helpful.

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