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Removing Dark Spots with a Signature Hydrafacial and the Ultra Glow Laser Treatment

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Many patients are looking to treat dark spots, specifically on their face.  While there are a variety of options out there, the team at Bella Lei has the perfect solution.  Combining a Signature Hydrafacial with Ultra Glow Laser treatments is the perfect fix!  Also, if you feel that your complexion is looking drained, dull, uneven, or more aged than you’d like, then Lutrontic Ultra and Hydrafacial is the perfect solution to remove dark spots and achieve healthy, beautiful skin. This innovative laser skin rejuvenation treatment offered by Bella Lei Aesthetics can help reduce the signs of aging and boost your skin’s youth with very little discomfort and hardly any downtime. The HydraFacial is an in-office facial treatment to give you the best skin of your life! This treatment deeply cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with mild exfoliants and hydration. 


face laser lutronic Bella leiWhat is the Treatment Like?

The LaseMD ULTRA to provides calm resurfacing with little downtime and fast results. It uses non-ablative, fractional laser energy from the most powerful thulium laser on the market.   This device helps patients improve the appearance of their skin by resurfacing the skin and increasing its penetrability to absorb nourishing treatments and anti-aging serums without damaging your skin’s surface and structure. 

 HydraFacials, which include LED light therapy and serum boosters, are a relaxing and leave you with glowing skin.  Your provider will choose the appropriate booster to address your skin concerns.  The machine uses a vortex technology tip attached to a handpiece and suction that extracts and then infuses the ingredients into the skin. Ingredients such as glucosamine, algae extract, lactic acid, glycolic acid, honey extract, salicylic acid, along with other antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin. The HydraFacial addresses specific skin concerns such as dull or dry skin, acne, oily and congested skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, skin laxity, and (you guessed it!) brown spots.

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It is important to understand that this is a process and not a one-time fix.  Our patients must stick to a treatment plan to get the best results possible.  With each treatment, patients begin to see more and more of the benefits.   The experts at Bella Lei will provide a more detailed plan and timeline as well as an individualized treatment plan.  Your brown spots can be a thing of the past!  Book a consultation today to get the best skin of your life!





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