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lash lift and tint at Bella LeiBy Stephanie McCluney

Headed out on a beach vacation this summer? Maybe a trip to the lake or pool?  The last thing any woman wants to do is worry about applying (and removing) makeup over the summer.  Head on over to Bella Lei to get your lashes lifted and tinted!

I had a chance to give it a try and I don’t think I’ll ever spend my summer without it again! No mascara and curler to worry about on vacation, no streaks or black under the eyes for boat days, beach days, or pool days. Just get up and go! It really is the perfect summer treatment. I headed out for vacation the day after I had my lashes lifted and tinted and it was so nice to jump on the plane with not a stitch of eye makeup on! (And I NEVER leave the house without my lashes and a bit of eye makeup done.)


What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

lash lift tint Bella Lei Fleming Island fl

After seeing the before and after pics, I’m sure I have your interest. The lash lift is essentially a “perm” for the lashes. The lift omits the need for the dreaded eyelash curler. Lashes are wrapped around a form and a serum is painted directly on the lashes. Once the process is completed your lashes look like they have been curled and they stay curled! 

The lash tint is exactly like it sounds. A pigment is applied directly onto the lashes, to tint (or dye) the lashes. My light colored, blonde tipped lashes were instantly transformed! I chose to have the blackest pigment applied. There are other options, but I highly recommend the darkest.  My eyes looked bigger and brighter, and my makeup routine was shortened, saving time for summer fun (and extra room in my makeup bag). 

What to Expect? 

no more mascara lash tint

The whole process takes about 45 minutes and is an easy and painless process.  There are a few things you should be aware of when you head in for your lash lift and tint.  You should come in with NO MASCARA on the lashes. If you have mascara or little traces of mascara left on the lashes, they won’t be able to do the treatment. Also, if you wear contacts, you must remove them before you come in. Lastly, no water on the lashes for 24 hours so plan accordingly! No swimming or showering! Water will deactivate the lift solution.


How Long Will it Last?

The lash lift and tint should last between 4-6 weeks. It’s quick, it’s easy, it makes summertime and vacation time a little bit easier, and I am all about that! Make sure you call or text 904-579-4323 to get those lashes lifted and tinted.  You won’t regret it!

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