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Not that anyone needs another reason to go enjoy a massage, but if you are still on the fence or need a little convincing, we have rounded up a few of our favorite benefits of massage therapy.  The benefits aren’t just physical, but mental too! We are so excited to have added massage therapy to the services offered at Bella Lei, and here is why!

Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy

We usually hear about the physical benefits of massage, but the mental benefits are equally as important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are just a few things massage therapy can offer:

Calms the mind

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Increases Feelings of Happiness 

Lowers Symptoms of Depression

Improves Sleep

Alleviates Symptoms of Chronic Illness and Disease

Lowers Stress Levels

Studies have proven that massage therapy can decrease anxiety, lower stress levels in the body, and reduce irritability.  Much of this can be attributed to the natural response the body has to massage therapy.  During and directly after a massage, the mind responds by producing the “feel-good” hormones called serotonin and dopamine.  Also, the massage will lower cortisol levels. Regular massages help to keep these levels regulated and improves your overall mood.  

Another mood killer is chronic pain and stress. Regular massages help keep stress levels in the body lower and therefore help with the pain associated (i.e., tight shoulders and neck, tension headaches, muscle tension, to name a few).


Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Besides the mental relief that routine massages offer, there are a host of other physical benefits.  Just a few of our favorites are: 

Improves immunity function

Improves circulation, energy, and alertness

Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

Improves joint mobility and flexibility 

Stimulates the lymphatic system 

Calms tense muscles

Helps with pain from herniated or bulging discs

massage therapy at bella lei Fleming IslandDon’t Live Life Without Massages

We believe massage therapy to be imperative to a whole-body health plan.  While stimulating increased circulation and lymphatic flow, massage therapy helps to move the healthy nutrients through your body and increase the production of white blood cells (which are your body’s natural infection fighters).  Massages can also help you keep moving your body in the healthiest way.  By keeping your muscles free of excess tension, you will be less likely to experience the extreme aches and pains and less likely to injure yourself due to muscular tightness.  Massage is also one of the best recovery techniques to get you back out on the court, field, green, or in the gym!

Give the experts at Bella Lei a call today and book a massage.  We promise you will be coming back for more!



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