Plasma IQ at Bella Lei

Plasma IQ at Bella Lei

Ready to hear about this game changer?  Bella Lei is dedicating to offering the absolute best services, products, and treatments on the market.  The Plasma IQ is a handheld devices that tightens and retracts skin tissues.  Men and women are raving about the results they are seeing.

What is it Used For? 

According to Neauvia, Plasma IQ device is based on plasma microbeams technology, aimed to correct slackening in targeted area by promoting skin regeneration from within, with minimum trauma and patient down time. Particularly known to correct hooded-lids and lower eyelid skin laxity, as a non-invasive alternative solution to blepharoplasty, Plasma IQ can also reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles and scars or even be used to remove skin lesions (cherry angioma, yellow clusters, etc).”

Is the Plasma IQ Treatment Safe?plasma iq tighten skin

This treatment is extremely safe.  According to Suneva Medical, the makers of this device, “Plasma IQ has a low risk of side effects. Extreme device precision and controlled energy settings limit the damage of surrounding skin, reduce downtime and improve healing.  Plasma IQ treatment can be performed in-office in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the area(s) treated.  Two levels of energy allow for safe and effective treatments for a variety of indications and areas. Plasma IQ delivers the precise amount of energy desired using the high (950V) or low (650V) settings during treatment.”

How Does Plasma IQ Work?

According to Suneva Medical, “Plasma IQ is the latest advancement in aesthetics that delivers focused, controlled plasma energy to safely and effectively create microinjuries on the skin, renewing and restoring it.  Microbeams of plasma are leveraged in a focused energy treatment, resulting in tightening and retraction of the skin tissues through controlled skin damage.”  (SOURCE)

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